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Shenzhen xin east star digital technology co., LTD
Contact: Mr. Zhang
Tel: 0755-83242578
Fax: 0755-83977440
E-mail :xdxcatv@126.COM
address: shenzhen futian district huaqiang north seg science park three pick the sixth floor
Phone: 18665383493
QQ:  2921221717
QQ: 1875456363


Profile        Shenzhen xin east star digital technology co., LTD. - professional hd TV installation, cable engineering, to provide digital television conversion, hotel engineering equipment: TV modulator, multiplexer, receiver digital TV set-top box, four road engineering. Xin east star adhere to the concept of independent research and development, continuous innovation, create the well-known brand series of products (atv). It is widely used in cable TV network: hotel, ... [View Details]
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Shenzhen satellite TV project Shenzhen satellite TV installation
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